Island Spotlight: Kenny and Nicole Bilzerian, The Great Put On


At the age of twenty-two, Kenny was on his hands and knees building his shop From floorboards to ceiling joists, installing lights, painting the walls, and creating the space for a street traffic storefront. When Kenny opened up the shop for business he hired a small staff. He opened his shop with designers such as Landlubber jeans and Frye boots. As Kenny says, “it was the year of hippie”, with trends like high-waisted shorts, pleated pants, acid wash denim, bell bottoms, shoulder pads, Azzura leggings, and men’s silk shirts and suits.

I am now the active store owner, and I met Kenny in 1985 (and later married him) as a buyers assistant, he taught me everything, Kenny has a great eye and sense of fashion. Kenny began his buying process in New York City where he carried designers such as Katharine Hamnett (London designer carried the slogan “stay alive in 1985” year of AIDS), Norma Kamali, and more. With time the store evolved and became more

and more high end, but has always been fashion forward, out of the box, and edgy.

The Great Put On is very fashion forward with the hottest and latest trends and styles worn by actresses and actors or individuals who have a love and passion for the art of clothing. At The Great Put On we create our own look by mixing different designers together, according to Kenny, “we don’t copy anyone, people copy us.” Our company image focuses on high-end luxury European items that follow social trends and styles of celebrities.


Here are a few trends that should definitely be on your radar for the summer of 2020:

  • Suiting, saturated pastels, lingerie inspired clothing, golden yellow, statement sleeves, polka dots, vegan leather, tropical prints, and of course face masks!
  • Suiting isn’t going out of style anytime soon, it’s sexy, edgy, and cool. Try matching a set with a bold print, unexpected color, or even shorts!
  • Saturated colors like sky blue, coral, tangerine, lemon and more are here to brighten up your summer!
  • Lingerie-inspired clothing is a beautiful look with delicate silks, satin, and lace that is easy to wear and comfortable, yet elegant.


  • Golden yellow is a color that will be sure to make you happy!

  • Statement sleeves whether you choose puff sleeves or balloon sleeves, on the shoulder or off the shoulder create a romantic look that works for everything from weddings to casual weekends.
  • Polka dots of all sizes and colors are trending and you can’t go wrong!
  • Vegan leather is a staple piece to have in your closet to help complete any look.
  • We can never get enough of the tropical prints especially on an island resort!
  • This summer is different than most given COVID but we still want to look our best. Why not have a face mask that is beautiful? Since face masks are going to be our biggest accessory this season. Try a silk or floral printed face mask to pair with any outfit!


Anatomie – It’s great for right now because it’s sporty, chic and comfortable with an affordable price point. The best part about Anatomie clothing is it’s lightweight,wrinkle free, easy care, packable, and quick drying!

Elaine Kim – Designed for busy, accomplished, and sophisticated women, who regularly traverse the globe. Elaine Kim’s collection is figure flattering, not tightly hugging, a material that stretches, travels well, doesn’t wrinkle and is suitable for comfort. Season after season our customers always come back asking for more Elaine Kim.

Liza Beth – Liza Beth Jewelry uniquely balances edge with delicacy, creating masterful pieces inspired by Austin’s casual but sophisticated vibe. Liza Beth uses an eclectic combination of diamonds and pearls on an exclusively custom-made oxidized steel chain. It can be casual or dressy, it has a little bit of sparkle which can help uplift your

mood and it looks great for skype conferences!

J A G A – J A G A is a luxury clothing brand inspired from Mongolia made in Los Angeles. J A G A is handmade beautiful silks and linen pieces that are sensual and


Ulla Johnson – Ulla Johnson has become a hallmark, basing each of her collections on a foundation of natural fibers, beautiful finishing, and ease of fit and form. Ulla Johnson is one of our most popular designers we carry that is feminine, flirty, and fun and can spruce up any wardrobe.

Pedro Garcias – Pedro Garcia shoes are handcrafted in Spain. Striking or subtle shoes that are made of high quality with some unusual characteristics (try swarovski crystals). Garcia’s shoes are extremely soft, but have a thick and flexible consitencenty. All of Garcia’s shoes are cool and comfortable.

Golden Goose – Golden Goose is our most popular designer sneaker brand that is trendy, casual, and dressy all at the same time. They look as though they’ve already lived a good life, full of adventure, and encourage you to do more of the same.

Handmade in Italy.


  • Been in business for 51 years in Edgartown
  • Men and womens high luxury fashion
  • Owned a second store in Vail, Colorado
  • Celebrities that have shopped with us; Uma Thurman, James Taylor, Meg Ryan, Kenny Chesney, Jim Belushi, John Kennedy, Bill Murray and more .

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Off-season dispatch from @lucycuneo

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A very merry Christmas from Martha’s Vineyard! 📸: @saltedmv

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