Bee keeping

Winnetu’s Italian honeybees arrived at the Winnetu in May 2023. The Italian breed of honeybee is favored by many beekeeping professionals & enthusiasts alike because they are prolific breeders, generally disease resistant, have superior honey making ability and are gentler to work with.

While staying at Winnetu, join one of our weekly educational sessions hosted by resident Beekeeper and General Manager, Matt Moore to meet the bees via an observational hive, learn more about beekeeping and how we’re incorporating the honey into our menus.

Winnetu native honey will be used across the resort and available to purchase at the General Store this summer.


the history of bees

The first reports of human domestication of bees date back to Spain around 6,000 BCE.

Not native to America, Honeybees were first introduced 1622 by European colonists. In 1851, Lorenzo Langstroth invented the modern beehive and it has since proven to be invaluable to beekeeping and honey production.

Vital to our complex interconnected ecosystem, a single honeybee can visit up to 2,000 flowers in a day. In the US, 75% of more than 100 food crops depend on bees to help with pollination. In addition to crops, bees pollinate trees & plants.

Unfortunately, in the last 60 years bee colonies have decreased by 42% due to varroa mite infestations, bacterial diseases, colony collapse disorder and widespread pesticide use.

meet the bees at the winnetu oceanside resort

meet the bees at the winnetu oceanside resort

Bee hives
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Dunes Chef Doucette

Executive Chef

Chef Richard Doucette

Chef Richard Doucette utilizes his passion, creativity and training to create dining experiences that exceed the expectation of each and every guest. He consistently pushes the boundaries of imagination to compose sophisticated yet approachable flavors with a modern twist.

His seasonal menu concepts consist of elegant dishes that showcase his relationships with local farms, harvesters and fisheries.

We invite you to enjoy Chef Richard’s contemporary coastal cuisine served in our oceanside dining room at The Dunes, Martha’s Vineyard.


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