A boy and girl flying a kite at the beach


This year we’re looking backwards to find inspiration from the summers of years past. In hindsight they seem simple, but the memories are timeless: kites flown, fish caught, hands held, sandcastles built, people we love, people who loved us.  

We found more of this inspiration in our family photo albums, where we found the simple, timeless joy of summer played out in photo after photo, from generation to generation. 

Now we’re looking to you for more inspiration:

  • Share your Vintage Summer moment with us and we’ll build our summer 2020 advertising campaign around up to four submissions that we feel embody the spirit of summer by the sea.

  • If we pick your photo, we’ll treat you to a vacation at Winnetu Oceanside Resort, or our sister resort, The Nantucket Hotel.

  • To enter, share your vintage summer vacation photo on Instagram with #MyVintageSummer. If your Instagram account is set to “private”, submit it by email to myvintagesummer@vineyardnantucketresorts.com (or else we won’t see it!).

All submissions will be added to our #MyVintageSummer Scrapbook which we’ll use as inspiration when planning out our upcoming season.  

Be sure to read the Terms & Conditions, and have fun flipping thorough your old photos- we can’t wait to see them!

#MyVintageSummer Scrapbook

Click a photo to scroll through these timeless summer memories, and submit your own with #MyVintageSummer on Instagram or by email to myvintagesummer@vineyardnantucketresorts.com (email it if your account is set to “private”). 

#MyVintageSummer Submission Form

Photos must be JPG, GIF or PNG Format. 3MB maximum file size.
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