From Field to Fork:
Experience the Island's Agricultural Heritage & Educational Fun

At Winnetu Oceanside Resort, we are privileged to be surrounded by the natural beauty of Martha’s Vineyard, including the island’s rich agricultural heritage. While you’re with us, don’t miss the island’s vibrant farm stands, farm camps, farmers markets, and more!

  1. Morning Glory Farm, Katama: Nestled in the heart of Katama, Morning Glory Farm is a beloved destination for both locals and visitors. From colorful flower fields to bountiful produce, this farm showcases the island’s agricultural abundance. Stroll through the picturesque farm stands, sample freshly baked goods, and savor the flavors of their homegrown fruits, vegetables, and cut flowers.

  2. The FARM Institute, Katama: Located adjacent to the Winnetu Oceanside Resort, The FARM Institute provides an educational and immersive farm experience for all ages. Explore the working farm, interact with farm animals, and learn about sustainable farming practices. Discover the joy of milking a cow, collecting eggs, and gaining a deeper appreciation for where our food comes from.

  3. Grey Barn Farm: A short distance away, Grey Barn Farm beckons with its picturesque landscapes and artisanal cheese production. Set amidst rolling pastures and a restored barn, this farm is known for its commitment to organic farming and crafting exquisite cheeses. Take a tour, sample their award-winning cheeses, and witness firsthand the dedication to sustainable agriculture.

  4. North Tisbury Farm: Experience the charm of North Tisbury Farm, where lush fields and vibrant crops thrive. This family-owned farm offers an array of fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Wander through the fields, enjoy the peaceful ambiance, and take home the flavors of Martha’s Vineyard.

  5. Ghost Island Farm: Uncover the hidden gem that is Ghost Island Farm, nestled in the heart of Martha’s Vineyard. With a focus on sustainable practices, this farm offers an assortment of organically grown produce and pasture-raised meats. Enjoy a farm tour, savor their farm-fresh products, and revel in the serene surroundings.

  6. Tisbury Farmer’s Market: Don’t miss the vibrant Tisbury Farmer’s Market, where local farmers and artisans gather to showcase their goods. Browse through an array of fresh produce, baked treats, artisanal crafts, and more. Engage with the friendly vendors, support the local community, and discover the true essence of Martha’s Vineyard’s farm-to-market culture.

Martha’s Vineyard’s farms are a true testament to the island’s agricultural heritage and commitment to sustainability. From the abundant offerings of Morning Glory Farm and the educational experiences at The FARM Institute in Katama, to the artisanal delights of Grey Barn Farm, North Tisbury Farm, Ghost Island Farm, and the vibrant Tisbury Farmer’s Market, each farm invites you to embrace the bountiful harvest and indulge in the island’s freshest flavors. So, join us at the Winnetu Oceanside Resort and discover the farm-to-table journey that awaits you on Martha’s Vineyard.


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