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Welcome, From the Snider Family

Season 2020

Welcome, from Mark & Gwenn Snider - Owners of Winnetu Oceanside Resort

My wife, Gwenn, and I are often asked about the history, culture and traditions of the Vineyard and why Katama and The Winnetu are so special, not only to us, but to our many returning guests, year after year. Sharing with you the answers to these questions is really the story of how I started out to create a resort experience that captures what, I believe, makes the Vineyard so special – its innocence.

The essence of the Vineyard today harkens back to a sepia tone experience that exudes nostalgia, playfulness and timelessness.  Families who know and love the Vineyard appreciate the simplicity of Island life and respect its traditions and lore.  There’s a wholesome innocence on the Island for those who wish to find it.  Children are enabled more independence and, therefore, more self-confidence.  Families can spend more quality time together playing games, doing things,…hokey things…such as hermit crab races on the beach, or enjoying scrabble matches, bike rides into town, and going to the movies together and then walking down Main Street for an ice cream. These are experiences that just don’t happen for many of us except in a place like the Vineyard!

When being on the Island becomes a state of mind.  Psychologically separated from the mainland, the ebb and flow of arrival and departures circulating around boat schedules, and rituals, with little room for impromptu planning make the Island experience.  Cell phones don’t always work.  The Internet can be erratic.  The fog can delay the morning newspaper boat.  Pizza isn’t delivered.

Everything is just a little bit different than the mainland, a little slower, a little simpler.

So as you rest at our resort and experience some of the island’s innocence, we hope you have a wonderful stay with us and that you’ll make it an annual family tradition or couples getaway as it has been for me since the summer of ’68 and with my wife, our three children, Oliver, Annie and Matthew, since the summer of ’84. 

Mark, Gwenn, Oliver, Annie, and Matthew Snider

Owners of Winnetu Oceanside Resort